Sunday, February 24, 2019

Being Here

What is it like to be a missionary?
 I get this question a lot and most times I honestly do not have a very good answer. I feel like I let you down by not being able to verbalize it. Maybe I can’t because it is so complicated or ever changing, I’m truthfully not sure. However, I have such a desire for each of you to get it even if just a little bit. Why? Because we are here on the mission field because God called us, so missions must be close to His heart; therefore, it matters, it is important, it does change lives. God has been putting it on my heart a lot lately to share what missions looks like for us, so that is exactly what I am going to try to do.

This is a picture of my husband….what may appear to be a spoiled rotten husband eating dinner in bed…well it is not what it seems. This is a husband who I am seeing for the first time at 9:30pm, who is eating dinner, his first meal of the day, in his bed because everyone else had already eaten and was asleep in bed. His day consisted of running errands, paying bills, church banking, being at the feeding center, talking to moms of the feeding center kids, doing house visits, and then men’s group at the church. This is a day that is so full, but saying that doesn’t really even start to explain his day. Here we say everything takes a whole day to do, we don’t know why but it just does. For example church banking that sounds like a quick in and out, but with the lines in the bank it is at 30 minutes if not an hour to just make a deposit and that doesn’t include the book keeping he had already done. When he is at the feeding center he waits for all the kids to enter and then teaches a little bit, or plays games, or teaches bible verses and then the kids eat. While the kids eat he goes around and talks to as many moms as he can about their lives, their difficulties, their doubts, their questions. Now on to family visits these are almost always very hard and I’m not talking about the walk up steep hills hard, even though that is almost always a given here in Guatemala as well. It is hard to see the living conditions of people we have grown to care for very much, and it is hard to hear so much pain. The story after story of living in such poverty, but not just that it is hearing story after story of so much heartbreak. So these family visits almost always take hours. Hours of them pouring out their hearts. Hours of trying to giving encouragement and advice. Hours of prayers. Hours of meeting the family. It all takes time here, and normally a lot of it. But this is precious time because it is spent instead of in lines, it is in people’s lives and that matters. Then my husband goes to men’s group where he is the leader, and sometimes it’s fun and card games, other times questions, other times pouring out their hurts and difficulties as well.  So when I said this is a full day yes it is, but not in the since of busy(which it was that as well); however, in the since of full of emotion, full of tears, full of heavy stuff, full of incapability, full of fighting the devil, full of talking, full of listening, and full of striving to let the light shine through such a harsh and cruel world.
 Sometimes… well many times my husband will tell me I just don’t  know how I can help, I want to help so bad, and I just can’t. Being on a missionary budget we don’t always have the means to help. However, I have to say that the Lord has given my husband such a wonderful giving heart. He almost never has money in his wallet, but it truly is because he gives it away so freely to others. This night he told me the same I am so tired Morgan, I’m not talking physically ( which he was that as well), but so tired of not being able to do something… so after a long day, I thought man this might be the last thing he wants to hear but I said it anyways… You know what you can’t do anything, BUT God can. In all this situations that seem so hopeless HE still has hope, HE still has the means to change situations, HE still can. So I said let’s ask Him to do that. So we prayed and asked God that He would show up, and give hope and future. And then my husband went and ate his reheated dinner like the spoiled husband he is.  J

So you must be thinking surely not every day is that jammed pack and you are so right. Not everyday is like this and some days I see my husband even most of the day. I am thankful for those days because we never know when the next really full day is coming.  I recently heard my husband on the phone saying, “you know I don’t know what I have been doing lately I feel like I’ve just been home more and with the family and working on house projects, so maybe for that I don’t feel good like I haven’t been doing enough”. This really made me start thinking about another side of ministry that maybe many don’t know about. The guilt. The guilt that we are spending too much on our family, we came here to serve other and minister to them and there are so many that need it. The guilt that we need to be doing more.  We know and have been told so many times your family is your first ministry. If our family is not good the ministry will not be good or even not exist. We do believe this but putting it in to practice really is a different story, it really takes carving out time, and being super intentional or it does not happen. Because on top of ministry we still have to do the normally everyday things like buying groceries, paying bills, taking and picking up kids from school, doing reports, gardening, mowing,  phone calls, home repairs, the mundane, but oh so necessary for life to function.

Speaking of family, I feel like that where I come in more. I told you about ministry but more the ministry of my husband. So what does ministry for me specifically look like? Well because I am a stay at home mom of 3, 2 of which are very young, most of my days are in the home. Including cleaning, cooking, laundry, homework, baths, naps, playing, potty training, teaching, diapers, tantrums, hugs, attention, snacks, bedtimes. Taking care of my family, raising my children, having food on the table, these are the things that consume most of my time. It is not always fun, easy or glamorous, and seems like not at all what you want to hear when you ask what being a missionary is, but the truth is I have come to learn that this ministry desperately needs just that. I have tried to do it all and drag babies along with me while doing it, I have tried going to minister and once again leave my children at home, I have tried to make my little one as much a part of every aspect of ministry as possible. I am here to tell you for my family it does not work. Because I end up with kids who can’t get consistent parenting because I was dragging them along everywhere and I pay for it for weeks after. I end up with kids that are so clinging when I am there because I wasn’t present enough. I end up with kids that are sick all the time because all those places and houses and kids I took them around is just too much for there still growing immune systems. I have come to find out when all this is going on with my kids my husband nor I can ministry well at all; therefore, for now in the phase we are my ministry is in my home, my ministry is not facebook worthy, but my ministry matters to God and so it is important.  So I now choose very selectively what is worth my time away from my family. One of which is women’s group and we meet every week with the goal to create community within our church and I have seen small but such encouraging differences. I teach English during my kids nap times. Kids ministry on Sundays.   I go on family visits when my husband suggests it would be good if I was there, normally when he knows the situation needs a women or some medical advice. Recently, I went to visit a lady that’s 15 day old baby had just died. It is a visit I hope I never have to do again. I had to listen and ask and realize her baby died of something that could have been fixed if she had just known. I had to see and touch a precious but lifeless baby. Nothing inside of me wanted this, none of it. But this is part of ministry…death…hard…heartbreaking that you just want to run away from but that sweet momma can’t run away so neither will we. Our Father doesn’t run so we must learn to stay, stay in the pain, stay in the tears, stay in the loneliness.

So our ministry is being here: Being here when it is sacrifice and when it is blessings. Being here through the changes of people and needs. Being here even when our family and friends are so far away. Being here in the trenches and on the mountains. Being here is missions. So I encourage you to be there. Wherever with whoever He has called you to be. Be there when it is hard and you want to run away, and be there to rejoice the triumphs. And when you don’t know what to do ask God to do it!

Monday, January 14, 2019

A Year of Seeing The Lord

Before anything, I want to give the glory to God for everything and for every day this past year.  I see and I have experienced the faithfulness in abundance of my God toward me. I see God seeking me out, I see God going through me whole day, I see God when I hold my son in my arms, I see God when I see my baby girl dancing, I see God in my wife’s faithfulness and love, but when I see myself I see how much more I need to seek God. In my sinful nature and my imperfection I see how much God loves me. On the sixth day of creation I picture God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit in their workshop putting their heads together and thinking and planning and creating the perfect being in His own image; that is you and that is me. What shocks me is in the first five days He said it was good in everything that he did, but when he created man he said it was not good for man to be alone. But why? Because God created us to be in unity not to work alone, not to live alone, not to pray alone, not to love alone, not to walk alone, and for sure not to do ministry alone. So today I want to tell you one more time that you are not a number you are family, and the ministry we do in Guatemala God didn’t just give it to me, but he gave it to all of you as well. Because of you the one that prays, the one that gives, and you the one that goes, have been and still are investing in us, therefore, my ministry is your ministry, and my people are your people, and my God is your God. So, if you think you just give, or you just pray or you just do missions sometimes, let me tell you that you are wrong, because as I said God did not make us to do ministry alone and therefore, you have been joined in this with us as ONE. 
Romans 12:4-5 For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.

 In this New Year I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and how much you mean to me. I wish I could tell you what I know or write about you because all of you have struggles of all kinds and even through with your pains, restrictions, and setbacks you have been faithful and you have loved us constantly. I have seen you cry, I have seen you doubt, I have seen you confused, I have seen you broken, and there is so much I want to tell you, but mostly that in all of this I have seen God in you. I have seen you loving me and trusting me with your resources, stay with me, bare with me, keep working with me for this ministry needs all of us.

Here is a bit of what has gone on here is year:

I am still working( I haven’t been fired J) as a pastor in a great organization, manna worldwide, they have entrusted me with their church and their people that they have invested in and prayed for. Please pray that I keep gaining favor in their eyes and in the eyes of the Lord with this big responsibility. In the San Lucas church we have seen growth throughout this last year.  I was ordained as a pastor, we had three babies dedicated to the Lord and seven baptisms, and many have received Christ.  We have started a women’s and men’s group and have seen the people start to open up and relax, and our hope is to see these groups start to make community within the church and that we can live more as one body. Also, we have been able to start English classes to help with the people’s desire to learn.  Many new things and faces this past year and we are praying for this New Year to bring people that love and serve the Lord.

A year and a half ago we gained a daughter, she is now 11 year olds. She has lived with us and it has been hard, so hard, we have lost battles, dropped many tears, gotten angry, and lost peace. And today I can tell you there is still a long way to go, but we choose hope. My American mom showed me God and gave me a blessing and I intend to pass that on, so one day Johana, my new daughter, can pass that on as well.  Join us in prayer for strength, endurance, guidance, and love.

In San Mateo we took a few steps back because we lost the place that we were in, but we are still fighting the good fight. We need so much for that place. We are feeding 75 kids Mondays and Wednesdays, so for now we feed twice a week and I look forward to the day when we can feed all week. On the upside this year San Mateo kids had a huge blessing of being able to enjoy a Christmas lunch out in Antigua where they all ate chicken and played and got to experience something not many of them have ever done before thanks to this special donation.

We had a wonderful team of youth join us this year for a week and we were able to build an addition on to a house, and for another family a kitchen area and a bathroom, as well as many food baskets and stoves for those in need. We are so thankful for their hard work.
We had two girls that ONE for Guate sponsored to go to school this year and they successfully passed and we are so thankful to see their future impacted in this great way. Pray for the new school year and new challenges that they will be completed with this His power.

This year finally I can take my family to the market, to the store, to school, and to dates knowing that my car will not break on me. Thanks to Grace church I can tell you now that I am so happy for our reliable car (that all my kids fit in and it even has a/c) and confident that I can move around without worrying that I may lose my brakes, as I did twice with my old car. Praise the Lord for functional gift.
This year we had the amazing opportunity to go to Texas and visit a church and we felt completely loved and taken care of. We are so blessed to have gone, to have met, and reconnected, but most of all blessed to know the feeling of being loved and accepted by the church body as a family. We don’t have words for how thankful and how deeply touched we are. We thank the Lord for always seeing us and caring for us beyond measure.

We were able to touch many people through many random contributions that are not seen by many, but are so helpful. Just a few examples: medicine for a baby with pneumonia, tests for cancer, food, car repairs for a pastor, San Mateo kitchen helpers Christmas donation, and many more. Please realize every dollar makes a difference in even the smallest ways because giving is a blessing, giving is multiplied, and giving changes lives. For that we want to thank you for every single dollar you have given, every prayer you have given, every encouraging word you have given, and every second you have given. ONE for Guate is thankful for you, for this body, for the way God has woven us together.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Fast and furious(maybe a little more fast than furious)

              June was a good month and also a very fast month. It seemed to fly by in almost every way. However, fast doesn’t mean bad it just means busy. Also, not a bad busy, a busy that we love because there was much work to be done and that meant we got to see many people blessed. We got to see a house be built for a family that goes to our church and was completed in one day even the leveling of the whole piece of land. On top of that another family of our church was blessed with a part of their land being leveled and a semi-retaining wall built to prevent water washout from happening. Our church was cleaned, leveled, painted and cleared of debris by a wonderful church from California. Multiple family visits were made including returning to the family from last month of the 9 nine brother with around 30 family members in total. On top of all this at the first of the month we were able to visit near the volcano to bring some relief materials. God is good in the way he provides, takes care of, and overwhelms.

               We have had the joy of having friends from Texas here in Guatemala this month which has been wonderful and refreshing. They have been going through a marriage conference with the pastors and leaders of manna worldwide here in Guatemala. It has been nice to be invested in, taught, loved, and taken care of in this way. It has shown us the leaders, pastors, and teachers need to be taken care of as well. To not always be the ones running the show, but to be able to come listen and just take in the blessing of being invested in is so so important. So I challenge you if you are not one of the people in these positions search, pray, and seek how you could invest in those that are the ones normally doing the investing. Because it is a blessing to take care of, but also to be taken care of.  Thank the Lord for His people and the work and love of His people.

This month we ask specifically for prayer for our church: for male leadership, volunteers, and that our church may be filled with people that truly love Him.

Personally we ask for prayer for health for our family, as we have been battling with stomach viruses this month.

Thank you for your love, support, and prayer from afar; we feel it, need it, and appreciate it greatly!

Thursday, June 7, 2018

We Are Still Here

We Are Still Here

As the month ends I see the blessings that I have every single day. Also, it is always a privilege to work with wonderful people. After 2 and a half years we, ONE for Guate ministry, had our first group from Elberton Christian church Georgia. We visited San Mateo and visited two families that were blessed with a half of a bunk bed and pastor Angel and his family were blessed with a wood burning stove.  In addition, our volunteer moms that work in San Mateo were given food baskets and shoes what a day what a long day, but a blessed day.  In San Lucas we also visited one family that needed a wood burner stove; however, once we hike what seemed like the whole day and all the gringos got really tired we notice that the people that we visited didn’t have a roof for their stove. The visit that was suppose to last no more than one hour took us half a day.  So this family got a roof, a stove, a bunk bed and a new walls and roof for their bathroom that was not in our plans, but for sure it was in God’s plans.  I saw hard work and kindness from Elberton even though this was not the plan and even though we went over budget I want to believe they saw God in their sacrifice.
In addition, Elberton visited eight more families in San Lucas and built a small house for another family this was two more days of hard work and 8 food baskets for people that needed it.  Many people were blessed this month by God and by His servants from Elberton and from Manna worldwide ministry. Yesterday, June 6 I deliver the last food baskets(left by Elberton church) to a lady that just had a baby a few days ago. So to summarize the week I will say that God works everything for good. 

Elberton left the country June 1 and June 3 Guatemala suffered the wrath for the volcano named, Fuego (fire), Fuego began spewing lava and ashes into the sky destroying towns around and killing everything in its way.  From that day till now I have seen Guatemala in pain and tears and as Peter cried out to Jesus “save Me” I am doing it today save us father save us.  I am sad that my people are in pain, but I am happy that our volunteers are ok and today will end, but tomorrow will be a new beginning.  On the other hand I have seen Guatemala as one and Manna worldwide working and serving the people that are in need right now.  I am so grateful with Manna this specific organization does so much for our people and today they are here working hand in hand with the Guatemalans giving food, beds, water, cloth, and so so much more.  Before Elberton church left they left me some donations to give away eventually, but when we didn’t know was the tragedy that happened afterwards with the eruption of the volcano.  We ended up having 8 full sizes trash bags with cloth and shoes for those in need from the eruption, so Elberton church I want to say THANK YOU.   Manna worldwide THANK YOU, all those that pray and give in many ways I want to say THANK YOU.

PS. Our family and our ministry are ok just ashes rained on us.   If you want to help all these families from the volcano please let me know there is much to do.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

April showers bring May flowers!

April showers bring May flowers.

This month we have been showered with sickness. Our baby has been well for maybe only a few days the whole month. We are all currently going through a stomach bug. It seems to have been pouring down on us this month. However, in the midst of all this we have seen the Lord so much as well. He has sent people to encourage and revive us. He has spoken to us. He has shown His power. Even through such a difficult month in the home, I think I have heard us and others say more than even how GOOD our GOD is. So in the showers YES we are seeing flowers!

When we returned from the states the work in san Lucas has been amazing. I have met new friends and I have seen old friends as well. I have been tired, I have been sick, but also I have been happy because God never stops amazing me. This month we were able to serve more than 800 people in the medical field. We were able to provide general medicine, dentistry, optometry, and pediatrics. In, addition to all of this we have visited many families and been able to provide food and water filters that last for ten years. It has been such a blessing to work with Manna Worldwide and their teams.

As I have said before it is not always flowers sometimes it is rain. I had the chance to invest time into different families, one of these families live close to the church they are rude, mean, and bully others. It has come to my attention that the community does not care for them (of course I am generalizing). Many of our feeding center kids complain about them, that they insult them, bully them, and throw rocks at them. Other people say the father of the family have raped his daughters ( I pray to God this is not true, because I have no proof). When I went to visit them, what I did see was a controlling father, I brought a peace offering with me (I brought food) and I had the chance to meet his two older daughters. All of the children always look dirty and this time sad as well. The family told me about their brother (19y/o) that just got killed two weeks ago, he was stabbed in the back and could not make it to the hospital in time. Also, three years ago another brother (15y/o) was shot in the heart and died instantly. So they are devastated now, that two men of the family have been killed and are only left with little kids. I prayed for them and left without saying very much. That same day by coincidence, I met a second family that also lost a nephew, I found out that the same boy from the other family and this nephew were fighting to kill each other and the two of them died and another one is in prison. I prayed for them as well. In this family there are nine brother and all grow with their families equaling around 30 people that live on this piece of land. This day I have the pleasure of seeing one of the sisters accepted Christ.

A few weeks later I went to see the first family again with a team and this time we brought a water filter and a food basket. By now I already knew them more and every time I see them I say hi. This time we talked to one of the sisters her name is Olga, while we were talking to her we let her know that they need Jesus they have suffered so many losses and it is time to do something different. Ryan Jones, Manna mission leader, explained to her Christ through the water filter, and how God is the only one that can clean our sins and that there is nothing that we can do to clean ourselves. When I asked her if she wanted to accept Christ she said yes and that it was a good idea to do it, However, she needed to ask her dad first. She is a lady with kids and is in her 30’s but still felt that she needed to ask her dad. During my time in Guatemala I have seen my people being chained by ideas, by religion, by family, and by ignorance. They are tied to many things that are not Christ. But I know that none of this is my God because He is freedom. Pray for me so that God will give me wisdom to guide His people, and humbleness to give Him the glory.

Two month ago I started advertizing to our church, baptism, and finally this past Sunday we got to baptize 8 people. Praise the Lord! During these two months in different occasions and many times people have approached me, and have asked me can I get baptized? Can I get baptized if I’m not married? Can I get baptized if I have done it before? Can I get baptized if I was baptized in another church? Can I get baptized if I don’t serve in this church? What would you say? What should I say? This is what God said, “repent and come back to me”. So I said baptize. These were 8 flowers for our church to see the baptism and following in Christ. 4 last year and 8 this year, God is multiplying.

On the other hand, in San Mateo, the other village that ONE for Guate works in, we unfortunately lost the building where we were feeding in due to the land lord getting tired of the noise from the church and from our kids. So we got kicked out, but the pastors that we work with in San Mateo in a few days found another place to use. Now our need is bigger in San Mateo, we need supporters and we need churches to help us. The word of God says, “You are the light and the salt of the world.” ;and ” to take care of the widow and the orphan”. This is what we are trying to do and we are so grateful for each of you that come along side of us and take part in fulfilling these commands.

Please continue to pray for our family and for the work the Lord is doing in the people around us as well.

Monday, February 5, 2018

We will fail, but God will lift us up..

It has been too long since we wrote a blog I  am sorry for that.  The past two months have been crazy especially in our house because everything has been breaking.  There is always something that needs to be fixed or replaced.  Our house, our car, our computer etc seems like it has no end and that is just a few of our problems, but at the end of every day the sun shows up the next day and we see a new beginning. 

Matthew 5:45  that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

When I think of my problems I think of this verse and I remember that God haven’t promised us comfort or that all of our problems will be solved.  All of us are children of God and many times we will have battles and many times we are going to fail and doubt so the question is not when we are going to fail, but how we are going to rise.  Also, my life of ministry brings me to another interesting verse in the bible
Psalm 37:23-24 King James Version (KJV)
The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.
Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand.

When man falls it is not saying IF but when brothers and sisters this is life we are going to have dark days and sunny days and God still will be with us so we have to remember a few things:
1.      He orders every single step we make good or bad, sad or happy, He is there and He knows.
2.      WHEN we fail we will not be completely destroyed, and how many examples we have in the bible just remember that.
In our difficulties we must come back to how good and powerful of a God we serve. That He is for us and not against us. That we need to abide in Him; in His name, in His word, in His love, and in His truth. We are imperfect, We fall. We lose heart. We get down, We get frustrated. WE MUST COME BACK TO HIM! Why…. Because He is the source of life, the source of hope, the source of all…because HE is ALL! This world is fading away but some days this world seems all too big in our eyes and we must discipline ourselves to refocus our minds and hearts on our good Father.
In these past few months we have had such a wonderful pleasure of having some great friends come and visit and do ministry alongside us. The presence of brothers and sister in Christ here with us is so encouraging and more than a blessing. Also, having Manna teams coming giving their time, energy, and blessings to the people we work with is such a beautiful picture of the Lord for us to get to be a part of.
About a week ago we had the privilege of being a part of a 17 year old boy, we have been working with, become a Christian. It has been good to watch God change an arrogant heart into one that is humble enough to see the need for our wonderful savior. Pray for him in his spiritual growth and relationship with the Lord.  

Please keep praying for us as a new year we have new struggles and old struggles and remember you are not a number you are family.  Also, if we can pray for you guys please let us know.
Prayer list:
Car. Our car is a 22 years old and every week something different is breaking.
 Supporters for San Mateo feeding center we have 75 kids.
Partners in ministry in every way.
Remember Manna World Wide (San Lucas feeding center)
Kevin- new Christian

Tuesday, November 7, 2017


                For us here in Guatemala October is a month of finishing. The kids finish school and start their two months of vacation. We finish our last month of the feeding center in San Mateo for the year. The six months of rainy season (Hopefully) is finishing this month! With many things coming to an end it brings our prayers to two things; one of thankfulness and the other of hopefulness. First we must look back on all the Lord has done and see how faithful he has been to provide, protect, and love. It is amazing to see the ways he has given to our family as well as to so many families around us. Also, to watch his hand and how he has orchestrated: people to meet, friendships to be made, needs to be met, vision to be given, food to be given.  For all of this that has happened we are thankful to our Lord.  Secondly, we look forward with hopefulness for the year to come. We are hopeful for our feeding center to open back up in January. We look forward to seeing the Lords hand work as always in amazing ways. We hope in Him for support and provision for another year. We are hopeful for health and protection. We hope to see peoples financial needs met by the people of God. We hope more than anything to see people (including ourselves) grow more and closer to our Savior Jesus Christ in genuine relationship. We hope you see God in what we do.

               As the year is coming to an end I thank God because in January it will be two years since we moved here and God has provided all this time and we pray that he keeps doing it. I have to believe in God because without Him all of this would be impossible. We moved to Guatemala with very little support but the hardest thing was not the money it was the lack of moral and spiritual support, but in all our trails God has been faithful and people like you have been faithful. I want to say thank you for those that have been helping us to carry that cross. You are the one that keeps praying for us. You the one who keeps donating. You the one that keeps sending messages of encouragement. You the one that keeps loving us even from afar. I pray to my God for you the faithful one as God has not forsaken us you have not either. In the Word we see how much God and Jesus long for consistent, faithful, and enduring followers; and our family has seen and experienced why. It is the consistent that you can lean on. It is the faithful that you can turn to. It is the enduring that you can run to. Of course the Lord wants these characteristics in His people. We are so blessed to have seen this from you! The body of Christ is about people helping those that go, emotionally, but most importantly spiritually, and loving them. Those are the three pillars that will build up a missionary, that will hold a missionary, and that will help a missionary keep going. So if you are our pillars or want to be our pillars we are asking you to keep going, do not forsake us, for my God will not forsake you.

We want to do more for long term here in Guatemala and that is why we have created our project FAMILY 300 which basically means helping a family in one of three ways: bunks beds, wood burning stove, or fixing a house/building a small house. Each project would cost $300 and these families would be blessed for 10 years or more! Our desire is to be able to have the support to do one of these projects every month!

Secondly, we want to keep feeding the people of San Mateo, we have 50 kids and the place is growing and we really need you. To keep running we have to have a total of $4,000 a year, about $400 a month to feed 50 plus kids this includes gas, food, supplies, and offerings for people that help us.                                                                                             

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